Donate your old computer to Labdoo : an easy way to contribute to education ! (◕‿◕✿)

LABDOO is a humanitarian social network joined by people around the world who want to make our planet a better place by providing those in underdeveloped regions (both in the developing and the developed world) a chance at a better education. The goal of the social network is to send unused laptops, ebook readers, tablet-PCs and any device that can be loaded with educational software to needy schools around the world using collaboration and without incurring any economic nor environmental costs.


I heard recently about labdoo and gave it a try. I liked the concept of donating old laptops with edubuntu - a linux loaded with educational programs. You can just donate your old devices, but you can as well carry some during your next trip to deliver them to a school nearby your next holiday destination.

It is very easy to do, alone or in groups, there are a lot of ressources on their website, let me walk you through !