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We use latest technology and make it easy for anybody !

Why choose us ?

AD Ventures has a wide tech experience building websites, apps and digital strategies to serve its clients. From single entrepreneurs to large companies, going through all startups sizes, we analyze the needs and provide the right tech solutions at the right time.

How do we work ?

We deliver and support web-based solutions with stunning designs. We craft gorgeous code, hosted on secure infrastructure but we also deliver accessible solutions and we’re glad to pass that knowledge to anyone.

Web technologies are moving fast, and so we do. Our products are evolving based on the latest online trend. Currently we build responsive / multi-device websites, e-shops, web apps using many CMS, ReactJS, Ionic, Electron .. and more !

We let you tell us your story and we make it a stunning website addressing your user needs. Design is a key part of showing who you are and giving a positive feeling at first glance. We select the right colors, typography and imagery to fit your unique identity.

We are big fans of Google analytics, Adwords and some alternative solutions to get you high ranked by search engines. We make sure that your clients and potential customers will find you !

We understand that when you contact us to get started building your new online presence, time is crucial. Our web development turn around is impressive, we take pride in speed and quality!

Latest stories

The crypto-money G1 is based technically on the blockchain but without the ecological aberration ProofOfWork and on the Relative Theory of Money (TRM) published by S. Laborde (here : in english. We will not talk about the technical side, that can be very interesting, but we will look more into the principles of the TRM. This is where this currency…

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I heard recently about labdoo and gave it a try. I liked the concept of donating old laptops with edubuntu - a linux loaded with educational programs. You can just donate your old devices, but you can as well carry some during your next trip to deliver them to a school nearby your next holiday destination. It is very easy to do, alone or in groups, there are a lot of ressources on their website…

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