Understand how a computer works with Kano ! Software and hardware knowledge made easy :)

The Kano package is basically a Raspberry Pi (mini computer) and a Kano Os (linux based) made easy and fun to play with. It is made for kids from 6years old but is suitable for anybody interested to learn or deepen his knowledge in many area.

Let's go through this topic and play with this fun toy !

A little history

I first tested the Kano OS to play with the story mode, here is a video I found to get a taste of it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE3F9xBoHoQ

kano os

It is a super original way to explain how a computer works. Using an old-RPG look'n feel, and a little gameplay to discover the map (based on computer's parts). It is good to refresh memory for the one knowing already the basics, and the new comers will enjoy a more user friendly way to learn computer science.