Decentralized Social Media Platforms : this is what we need (•̀ᴗ•́)و

Would you agree to give all your data to the same company ? Certainly not, but you (and I) do it anyway.. We all accept the long and unread GAFAM Terms & Conditions to use their services. It is an habit that can stop, as soon as we are aware of it and of the alternatives.That is precisely what I want to talk about, the alternatives. Because the only benefit Facebook has is the number of people on it, we should promote respectful and user-friendly alternatives : Mastodon and Diaspora !

mastodon diaspora

Why decentralized social medias ? Because it allows anybody to host his own data. And if it is too difficult to do so you can choose where your data will be stored : in your city, on your friend server, in your region/country,...

There are a lot of decentralized platforms nowadays based on blockchain technology and they tend to create their own crypto-currency at the same time. It is not a must have in my own opinion. For a social media I just want a large number of person, a good User Experience and a way to control my data.

Two decentralized platforms seems to have what it takes today : Mastodon as Twitter alternative. And Diaspora for the Facebook decentralized version.

I will present more in details these two social media in another post !