Writing music and code at the same time : Lilypond ♬♭♬

Today we will look inside LilyPond, a tool to write musical sheets with code and style ! It is a free and open source software released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. LilyPond is cross-platform, and is available for several common operating systems.

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I actually learned how to read music sheet by writing code. LilyPond makes its so easy that you will believe this is true story. When music sheet looked like Chinese to me, writing code like "c c g g a a" looked very familiar to me as I learnt to read guitar tablatures online. "c c g g a a" means "do do sol sol la la" and LilyPond lets you generate beautiful music sheets from this simple code. Houra !!!!

Let's learn how to make it work !

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